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Green and Frugal

a discussion on ways to be kind to mother nature and your wallet

Green and Frugal - Green ways to save money
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This community is for the discussion of ways to save money and be kinder to mother nature.
This community is designed for people to share ways of being nice to their wallets as well as the environment. Ideally ways that allow us all to reuse what we have in a way that we need it and in the end save money. Ideas can be:

Composting and methods for doing it in different areas. You keep stuff out of your land fill and can make great soil for your plants or if you don't garden your neighbors plants and create good will.
Reusing scotch bottles for dried beans. It is a good thick glass and the seals tend to be pretty good.
Making quilts out of old t-shirts, so you give new life to something in your drawer
Making Jelly with wax rather than a canning jar, you can use all kinds of glass jars, you just need parafin to seal the top. It's the way my grandma did it.
Using chicken bones to make broth for yourself or making pet food.
Re-using falling apart towels and sheets to make cleaning rags.

I encourage everyone to tag their messages, so that ideas can be searched for later.

Most of the tips will be universal, but some will be specific to the North East. Anyone is welcome to join and post but the members are mostly from New England.