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Hello everyone I hope you atr well. being good to the earth is very important to me and love to hear tips and info on how to help the planet and save some money at the same time.

Here are some of my tips :

Use a hancachefe insted of tishiue.

I have used the trays from food as plant pot trays.

A simple composter can be made with 2 or 4 bits of wood and some chicken wire or a broken bin (google for more info)

Dont use kitchen roll wen a cloth will do.

Why not make a card out of odd bits around the house.

If you have a vase of nearly dead flower u could dry them out and make potpury then add your fave essentual oil to it insted of using chemical filled cans.

Use bothe sides of paper I have a tray with all the scraps and backs of letters from the poste,
then when thay are coverd thay make pet bedding then thay go in my green bin to be composte.

thanks for reading.