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A One Year Goal

My name is Michael Leach. I am a compulsive spender, who goes through money as though I have an infinite supply of it, just lying around. I will spend money on absolutely anything, without even batting an eye. And, I have decided that it is time for a change. It is time to do something drastic, to break myself of the 'urge to splurge'. So, I have come up with an insane goal, that I am sure will be a nightmare to do. From July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013, there is a total of 365 days...One whole year. And, in this year, I will give myself a strict budget. I will allow myself a grand total of $365.00, for the entire year, to spend on frivolous purchases. And, I will blog about my adventures, as I work my way through this crazy one year goal.
Hello everyone I hope you atr well. being good to the earth is very important to me and love to hear tips and info on how to help the planet and save some money at the same time.

Here are some of my tips :

Use a hancachefe insted of tishiue.

I have used the trays from food as plant pot trays.

A simple composter can be made with 2 or 4 bits of wood and some chicken wire or a broken bin (google for more info)

Dont use kitchen roll wen a cloth will do.

Why not make a card out of odd bits around the house.

If you have a vase of nearly dead flower u could dry them out and make potpury then add your fave essentual oil to it insted of using chemical filled cans.

Use bothe sides of paper I have a tray with all the scraps and backs of letters from the poste,
then when thay are coverd thay make pet bedding then thay go in my green bin to be composte.

thanks for reading.

Reusing items via free auction site

I hope that posting this is ok for this group, please let me know if I am violating any rules.. I found a site called Listia that is sort of like a combination of eBay and Freecycle. You post things that you do not want any longer, people bid on them and give you credits, then you use the credits to get items you want. I posted a handful of items earlier in attempts to clear house; you can sign up at http://www.listia.com/signup/372526 and view my listings also.

It seemed like an easier option to maybe save things from the landfil, and get something useful in return. Thanks in advance, hopefully it's useful to someone out there :)


Storing seeds

Anyone here freeze seeds? Do you feel it extends them?

If you keep them organized in other ways, I would love to hear how. I've been pretty unorganized. They are all in one ziplock bag and I leave them on the porch during the winter, but it is not a good way to store them.

Recipes by Ingredient

Many of us are in the midst of CSA shares and I found this website that arranges by ingredient today.
I thought it might be helpful.


Free Mulch

Next time you see folks using a chipper on the side of the road, stop and see if they are willing to bring a truckload to your house. This only works if you have a place to put a whole truckload of wood chips but maybe your neighbors would be willing to help use it up.

I'm actually planning on calling Town Hall and just asking the appropriate person if they'd be willing to deliver a truckload to my home. Utility companies are another option.

It's a green win in multiple ways because to the workers it's a waste product they have to find a place for, it's likely to get transported a shorter distance, and what's greener then using it in your garden? If you leave the pile in place long enough it even starts composting!


My niece will be celebrating her 8th birthday in the beginning of January. She wants a princess themed party and my sister has asked me to help with planning and to help her keep costs down. Both of us are also try to be frugal green gals when we can and don't want to be wasteful. We've already decided to make the invitations out of my nieces old (princess) coloring books and include in them that no gift is necessary, but if they want to spend some money to donate it to a TBD local charity. I have a ton of beat up boxes from moving recently (that I've used about 10 times over) that I was planning on creating a neat castle with.

Annnd then my ideas run out! I am curious about anything birthday related - food, reusing/repurposing everyday objects or supplies, decorations, etc.

Help! Does anyone have any experience or tips for creating a fun, but simple and earth friendly party for an 8 year old girl?


So last year we had nearly no tomatoes because of the blight.   This year our CSA is exploding and tomato sauce is in my future.  I usually wing it but what is your favorite recipe?  What is your favortie way to preserve tomatoes?


Worm composting

Hi all!

I know some of you do worm composting, and I would really like to start that this year. I would like to purchase a pre-made composter with a spigot for outdoors. How do I got about finding a good one?

Also I found this website yesterday. Culture for health
My next experiment will be making soda with water kefir grains.

Popsicle molds and BPA

I make a lot of popsicles for my toddler. She loves them when it's too hot to think about food, or when her teeth were bothering her, or just because.

I like giving them to her because I make them at home. I know what goes in them and they are significantly cheaper to make myself.

I was thinking about the cups I bought her. They are all BPA free. Why was I not thinking about that for her ice pop molds?

Well I went searching today and it was surprisingly easy.

Here is one article with easy to find BPA molds and a couple interesting recipes I plan to try.

BPA Free Popsicle Molds

If any of you have favorite popsicle or even smoothie recipes I would love to hear them.
Her popsicles are basically frozen smoothies. Yogurt based with fruit, whey protein, and maybe a little raw honey or agave added if needed.